Sweetie Pomegranate Wine

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Yes... It's fermented pomegranate juice! Semi-sweet, slightly tart and tastes exactly like fresh pomegranate seeds! This wine represents the wine industry‘s forthcoming of change and creativity, as a result the bottle is as clean and refreshing as the actual wine! This wine is NOT a sugar-rich, thick, dessert wine. It’s a wet and juicy wine with nicely balanced citrus acidity! There’s no romantic way of saying what this wine tastes like except, IT TASTES JUST LIKE POMEGRANATE SEEDS! We also treated this wine with much required attention to extract and preserve as much pomegranate aroma as humanly possible.

To enjoy the character of pomegranate, including flavors and aromas, consume slightly chilled right away or cellar up to one year. The semi-sweet taste and citrus finish pairs well with chocolate, fruit, and cheesecake... While in the company of good friends!

DISCLAIMER: "Consuming One Glass May Promote Smiling."

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